We have gathered here over 1000 scenarios. Check out for introduction in your own language below. If we are missing it and you are willing to translate – write to us.

Print and play is simply a larp written entirely in a text file. It is a full larp script, not only character cards, but also instructions for its guidance, materials and explanations, allowing anyone willing to read it and lead or play. Written scripts are an opportunity to develop our hobby. Not only do they allow the creators to learn through the guidance and analysis of other authors' games, but also enable the latter to receive feedback on the game and improve it. They also allow, above all, for a wider availability of many good, diverse games.

We are pleased to present to you a database containing a list of games of this type.

It shows all the games found or reported to us, available in p&p format, together with their assigned data, difficulty level, props needed, duration or number of players.

Each game also contains a link to a page, portal or source from which you can download it. It is as universal as possible, we will try to make it available to you regardless of the languages you speak.

We encourage you to save the link or to pin it on the ? group.

If you know more of these games, write to us.

If you have any questions, please write to us.

If you would like to help us adapt the collection to your native language, please write to us.

If you play one of the following games - don't hesitate to write to its creator - he will surely be delighted with this information!

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